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I am a wife and a mother of 3 children. I arrived in the UK in my late teens. Having studied  English Language and American Literature, I wanted to come to come the UK to experience the language and the English culture first hand. In those days, very few young women from my background would be able to travel to the UK but I always wanted something new and exciting in my life, so I made the decision to try the experience. I knew nothing about what was awaiting me. Nevertheless, I decided to jump straight into the unknown, because I always knew I wanted something different In my life... I just did not know what.


This decision changed my life and the experience gave me the opportunity to grow and change, and I have never looked back…I still ask myself every now and then, If I had not made that change, where would I be now? What would my life be like?



I then embarked on my education and life experiences. I became a Beautician and during my work with women I realised that making them look beautiful on the outside, did not fulfill them on the inside. I have always been passionate about listening to others and helping mentor people to find a solution to their difficulties. I found that I was helping my clients more  with what I was not being paid for than what they paid me for. I realised that underneath the façade of the external beauty, there lays inner beauty that was most important to achieve in order to live a happy and fulfilled life, and I was helping them to achieve this.

Then I was contacted by a company to help them with interpreting and translation, having studied English Language. I worked as a professional interpreter, linguist and translator for 27 years for various government bodies from police to courts and everything in between.  Working with so many professionals in all walks of life during all these years gave me the opportunity to understand that so many of them, especially women, were not satisfied with their life and where they were in life. They were unfulfilled and most wanted to change something about their life. While they accepted and recognised that they wanted this change they did not know where to start. I had never stopped connecting with people and using my passion in helping them when they faced life challenges. I then decided to give up my job and become a certified life coach, so I could help all these people the way I had been doing all my life, but in a professional capacity. This has always been my dream and I was going to make it true. It was challenging and not easy to decide to give up the job I loved and worked so hard at, but I reminded myself of the decision that I had made a long time ago as a young girl that changed the course of my life. The decision to quit my job and become a certified life coach 30 years later changed the course of my life again. I am now fulfilling my dream of helping others make the changes they feel they need to make.  If you want to make a change, do it.





I set up CHANGE YOUR LIFE to follow my passion in mentoring you to make the change and reach your full potential and to live the life you deserve.


I am a certified personal and professional development coach and NLP practitioner.

I am a member of the following professional  bodies:


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