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Change Your Life?

I know that changing your life, or the situation you are in, requires energy and will power. Above all, it requires action. You do not know where to start because you feel stuck and you do not know what needs changing.

This is where I come in - As the famous saying goes
‘Nothing changes if nothing changes’


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If you can answer YES to any of the
following questions, I can help you


Do you
feel at a crossroad looking for direction and clairity


Do you feel stuck, unfulfilled, lost or unhappy


Do you feel like your life isn't going to plan

How long have you been wanting to make a change In your life?

In life we make different choices. Some of them do not bring us the desired results. I will help you achieve not just results but great results because I do not settle for less. You can not go back and change the choices you made but you can begin today to change the trajectory of your life now. The difference between where you are now and where you want to be is is created by the changes you are willing to make in your life.

Do not allow yourself to believe that change is impossible. Assess your choices you have made in the past and change your choices you will make in the future. If you would like to have a different life by next year or the year after, you need to make the change now.


Ask yourself these questions:

How can I change my life starting today? What do I want to change? What am I willing to change? I will not change your life. YOU WILL.



I was able to set short term goals that were achieveable, that helped me towards my main goal of getting more work so that I would be in a financially stable place


Coaching allowed me to break down large goals in to smaller manageable task.  This was done by Fatmire asking me open questions that allowed me to see where and what I wanted to achieve and how I could make this possible.


Fatmire’s Aproach has had a powerful impact on my life.

I became more aware of my capability and more responsible for my decissions.

Fatmire helped me achieve all the goals that I set.

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How I can Help You Change Your Life?

I work differently with everyone because everyone is different.

Everyone likes to make the changes they feel are important to make in their life.


I do not use a coaching template therefore I design a program that is unique to you whatever you need help with.

I will motivate you and support you in this process and I will give you the tools that help you make the change to live your life exactly as you want it to be. I help you improve your personal and professional life.

Life Goals

Career Change

Limiting Beliefs

Managing Stress



Work Life Balance

Low Confidence

Life Purpose



Happiness & Fulfilment

Professional Performance


The 4 step programme


Find out what you wish
to change


Discover what is it that is
stopping you 


Design a plan


Hold you accountable
for change

Contact me to arrange your


Please note I do not answer calls from landlines or withheld numbers

Call/ WhatsApp/ Text: 07958 905514

Skype:  live:fatmirelushi


Send me a message with what you need help with. Can you also send me your availability. I will contact you within 24 hours to arrange the free consultation.

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